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1: How to Set up an Aweber Automated Email Marketing Campaign

This is a compehensive program showing you exactly how to set up, step by step an automated email marketing campaign for your dental practice. This is the exact system I use for my clients and this is your unique opportunity to purchase a 'How To' instruction set.

The set includes:

4 Comprehensive Training Guides - in PDF format | 4 Instructional Videos | 4 Powerpoint presentations in 'walk through' format.

There is around 10 hours worth of instruction in these guides on how to set up an email marketing list with Aweber.

Or buy now with a one off payment of an incredibly low £45

2: Automated Facebook & Twitter Marketing

Imagine if you could:

  • Monitor tweets for the word 'toothache', then if people mention that term within 10 miles of your practice a personalised message will be sent to them recommending your practice
  • Tweet local news bulletins to show you care about the local community
  • Automatically follow local people within 10 miles of the practice that are active on Twitter
  • Automatically tweet and Facebook an interesting dental fact for entertainment purposes
  • Automatically tweet and Facebook dental health advice on a range of topics
  • Automatically tweet and Facebook links to your own website
  • Every few days automatically tweet and Facebook links to permanent offers
  • Automatically reply to any new Twitter followers thanking them for the follow and encouraging them to join you on Facebook too
  • Automatically post your blog to Facebook & Twitter

Now do you see why the word automated is in bold above? This really is an automated system that will transform your marketing and free up so much time - here's what happens when you start posting regularly.


This is a subscription service of £50/month plus a one off £150 set up


3: Social Media Management Software for Dentists





Social Media Borg is a software package that allows you to:

  • Schedule Facebook and Twitter messages in advance
  • Monitor and measure those messages
  • Find local people to follow
  • Automatically speak to local people on Twitter
  • Promote your dental practice on Facebook & Twitter automatically
  • Keep Facebook and Twitter updated all while you sleep

Overall you save time, are more productive and effective in your marketing meaning you spend more time looking after your patients.

The software comes in 3 basic packages:

SOLO for the smallest of social media campaigns - £9.99/month + VAT

MARKETER for the general use dental practice (our most popular option) - £19.99/month + VAT

BUSINESS for the power user practice - £49.99/month + VAT

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