What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process, techniques and practice of increasing the amount of quality traffic to your website.

SEO is not something that can be 'done at the beginning' and left, it is an ongoing process, this is because a whole raft of factors change, including but not limited to search trends (the words and phrases people look for), the way Google and other search engines rank websites and what your competitors are doing to rank their website.

Search Engine Optimisation for a dental practice websites is an art, don't just take my word for it, check out the proof images below.

The search optimisation process begins with a full website audit where over 100 different variables are calculated to give your site an overall health.

Website designers are often just focusing on the aesthetics of the website and not focusing on the health of the site and how Google sees it, this is a whole different skill set to just designing a site and requires a detailed knowledge of optimisation and all of its variables.

Effective search optimisation comes from a mixture of good quality and healthy website plus links pointing back to your website from around the Internet, this is what is known as on-site and off-site optimisation.

Want to do your own SEO?

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Why has my website dropped in Google?

There could be many reasons. Your website can rank well for two reasons:

  • Your site is genuinely the best in the area
  • Everyone else's website is very poor

If your website has dropped in the search results it could be that your competition has suddenly made big gains by optimising their site more. It may also be that there is volatility in the Google search rankings, this is something I always monitor when I'm looking at the optimisation of a client website.

You may also like to do some specific research around your own website (domain), specific keywords or phrases you want to rank for or a targeted page within your website (URL), feel free to use the tool below..

In my opinion there is no point getting all technical on this page with everything that I do when I optimise a dental website, very much like when you offer a patient a root canal treatment, there is no point getting all technical, you just let the patient know the basis of what is going to happen and then get on with the treatment. It's the same with search optimisation.

On-site optimisation

This means I will check your site for.

  • Keyword Strategy Ideas. We want each page to rank for a different search phrase with out cannibalising another pages search position.
  • Technical Performance of the Site/li>
  • Semantic Ideas. There are a multitude of different ways of saying the same thing, we need to ensure we optimise for as many variants as possible.
  • User Experience Ideas. Does your site navigate well with internal links, do people spend enough time on your site and look at enough pages?
  • Competitor Analysis. Where do you rank compared to your competitors and are there any opportunities to rise above them in the results?
  • Keyword Difficulty. Are there any keywords or phrases which people search for which are easier to rank for?
  • Is your site fully crawlable by Google?
  • Does your site accidentally use secure and nonsecure code? If it does you may have an algorithmic penalty from Google
  • Does your site load fast enough so it can be viewed on multiple devices?
  • Do you have orphaned pages? In other words do you have pages on your website with no internal links to it?
  • Do you have pages with weak or little content?

Why trust me?

I've worked in dentistry all of my life (initially as a dental technician), for the past 12 years my marketing agency has helped many dental practices increase their rankings on Google and attract more of the right type of patient. One of the tools I use is Semrush, this is an expensive analysis tool used by thousands of search optimisation experts around the world. Semrush was so impressed with my results optimising dental practice websites that they asked me to make a video for them.


Here are the results of the campaign I talk about in this video [I was not paid for making this video].

A single blog post was published for one of my dental practice clients on December 10th 2019 and received 13 hits. It took 4 months to gain traction and reach 780 visits by March 2020. By September 2020 the blog was pulling in 19,000 unique visitors per month.

dental practice search optimisation results

This resulted in a 300% increase in conversions

By producing similar blog posts each month and pulling in this amount of traffic, it resulted in the website being shared. These shares were noticed by Google… Google loves it when your website gets shared and gives you a boost in the search results. This meant the entire website got boosted and we tripled conversions.

conversions is a dental practice

Average position increase after only 1 month

This is the kind of reporting I give to clients and can show some of the results possible in a short space of time.

dental search optimisation results

Total number of positions gained after 1 month

The aim is to always have the maximum number of positions on the first page of Google, this is #1-10. Notice how all of the positions have increased since I started working with this client… You guessed it, when we started working together they ranked for 0 keywords!

Google ranking position increase

Call me on 0845 259 1232 or email for a friendly chat about revolutionising your online marketing.

I have just hired Mark for second year of e-marketing consultancy. What I love about his approach is the initial in-depth analysis of who we are, what our goals and values are. Then going more than the extra mile in implementing the agreed plan but always seeking ways to improve and change the plan in line with the results. Also Mark makes himself available for advice as needed, from his in-depth knowledge of the dental world. I am very happy to recommend Mark Oborn's services to my dental colleagues.
Richard Charon

Top of the search engines?

Being top is one thing, but what about TOTAL DOMINATION? What about EVERY result on the first page being about YOU?

Yes, this is possible. Using Facebook, Twitter plus other social networks, and by combining this with a robust and explicit online dental marketing strategy it becomes possible to completely dominate a search for your chosen 'key words'.

Video & Photo Sharing to DOMINATE a Google search

This is an enormously powerful way of dominating a Google search for your chosen key words. By carefully 'tagging' video and images it is possible to start to dominate a Google search for your practice. Here is an example of a dental practice that I have SEO'd, they are position 1 & 2 for the words they have chosen AND position 4 with a video.

This video talks about their practice and has a link referring the visitor to their website. To DOMINATE a Google search this is the way forwards... but be sure you know exactly how to tag the videos!

If you want to find out more about getting a video found on YouTube, then watch my brief descriptionon how to optimise for the searches.

Using Social Networks to DOMINATE a Google Search with your business

The social networks are another powerful way to dominate the search engines for your practice. But you need to use a co-ordinated 'key word strategy', using this type of strategy is the only way you will dominate. Here is an example of the power of the dental social network marketing and blogs to dominate google. You can see that this client of mine not only has position 1 & 2 with the dental practice website, but also has position 7 & 8 for the same term using his blog and Facebook pages.

Remember, this needs to be part of a cohesive 'dental key word' strategy that is managed across the internet... you simply won't achieve this kind of result without planning and management, look at both the above examples, they are for the same practice! In order to achieve this spread of internet domination you must plan. The easiest and simplest way to do this is to use an expert... as a dental professional that understands those all important words, an internet fiend and MBA graduate it looks like you just found the perfect person to help YOUR practice dominate a Google search.

This is what one of my clients says:
...in the last month alone I have had a 317% increase in web traffic. Key words have been improved which has put me at the top of google for certain searches.
and another says...
I was truly amazed to find my website in the top 3 on Google for any of the searches that I had chosen.

Managed Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC)

SEO is one way to get people to visit your site, but 'paying for visibility' is also a great way to drive visitors to your website. The Google search results on the right hand side are 'sponsored listing' which you get charged for when people click on your advert - typically 25p - £1.50 depending on what search term you bid on.

There is a definite science to keeping the cost down and getting people to click on you ad - don't leave it to chance and end up paying too much, get a professional like myself to manage your dental PPC campaign for you.

Facebook is also a great way to advertise. We can target specific ages, sexes and geographical locations so can be VERY targeted in our marketing approach, give me a call now to discuss how I can manage you Facebook advertising campaign for you 0845 259 1232.

Optimising your website should form one single part of your total online strategy, which should also include compelling website copy, robust marketing mechanisms and a fully branded experience. As a registered dental professional and marketing consultant with an MBA that majored in marketing and creativity Mark is the 'go to' person for dental website optimisation and online marketing strategy.

Mark and his SEO company have added incredible value to our clients' websites. I would personally recommend Mark Oborn Ltd to anyone looking to improve their web presence.
Iain Forster, Managing Director, DIO Corporation
I'm a dental practice owner and am working with Mark on optimising my website and online marketing. Great guy, approachable - recommend him!.
Dr R Clarke-Irons

Fancy increasing traffic to your website like these clients? Call me on 0845 259 1232 to find out more about seeing the same results for YOUR practice.