Social Media Marketing for Dentists

Social media by Mark Oborn

Here are some interesting Facebook stats, read them carefully now:

  • Number of users on Facebook in United Kingdom: 27 020 020
  • Number of male users on Facebook in United Kingdom: 12 626 280
  • Number of female users on Facebook in United Kingdom: 13 576 100
  • Penetration of Facebook in United Kingdom to population: 44.21%
  • Penetration of Facebook in United Kingdom to online population: 57.88%

Statistics from, site accessed 23 July 2010

The power of the social networks is increasing day by day...
read this next section slowly now...

You need to make sure that your efforts across these networks are co-ordinated and efficient

I'll show you how this is possible in 10 minutes per day plus 20 minutes every fortnight this is all the work you will ned to do. I'll show you how to get an online newsletter distributed in one click across the networks, and more importantly how to get that newsletter read by using good copy. Once you have a newsletter that is read you can start to ethically and efficiently monetise it and drive customers to your business.

The social networks are also great for website optimisation, Google now reads Facebook and Twitter to look for relevant words, so if you are speaking about your products and services, using a strategic mix of key words YOU WILL GET FOUND. The social networks also work fantastically at keeping your website up to date and making it looked lived in.

So, how easy would it be to incorporate 10 minutes per day in to your routine?

Take 10 minutes now to call me on 0845 259 1232, and I'll explain further how we can work together now to get your business found and working on the social networks.

Facebook page

If you've already set up a Facebook page and want to know more about Facebook for dentists, please visit my YouTube Channel by clicking this link.

If you'd like my free guide which talks about marketing on the social networks, it can be downloaded by entering your details here.