Facebook, Twitter and Instagram marketing for Dentists

Social media by Mark Oborn

Here are some interesting social media stats, read them carefully now:

  • Number of UK users on Facebook OVER 35 yrs old: 22.1million
  • The average UK adult spends 1hour 48 minutes on social media every day
  • 66% of users on Facebook use the site everyday
  • Instagram has doubled its monthly active users in two years to 800million
  • 59% of all Instagram users are over the age of 30

Statistics from www.clicky.co.uk/2017/12/social-media-statistics-2017/, site accessed 27-3-2018

The power of the social networks is increasing day by day
Take note…

You need to make sure that your efforts across these networks are co-ordinated and efficient

Using a strategic and semiautomated approach to social media it is possible to get great results in 10 minutes per day plus 20 minutes every fortnight.

Modern technology allows us to semi-automate the discovery of people to follow and interact with, the same technology allows us to engage with these people and schedule updates to go out at the best time to stand the highest percentage chance of engagement. Only a few years ago all social media posting had to be done manually on each of the networks, it's now possible to automate much of this making it quicker, simpler and more effective

The only thing is that you have to know how!

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The best type of social media posts

Social media is brilliant at beginning relationships with other local strategic businesses/partners or patients, that relationship does however need to be developed by ensuring your updates fall into one of three key content areas:

  • Actor Bonds
  • Activity Links
  • Resource Ties

Actor Bonds

This is the first stage in building a relationship, actor bonds are the bonds between yourself and the other party. We all know the old adage " we buy from people we like", well, it's true and this is the stage in the marketing process where you help people to like you.

Post about things like books you read, films you have seen, places you like to eat, food you like, hobbies and any other interests you have. This enables people to see you are a real human with a real personality and helps them to like you and create a bond.

Activity Links

This is the next stage in the relationship building process, once someone feels they like you they will engage in a small activity with you. By sharing useful and relevant dental health advice you demonstrate that you care about the health of other people beyond anything else..

Share links to useful dental blogs, dental websites and anywhere else when you see information patients would like. Don't be worried if it's not your website, just handout useful, free and relevant advice, the key here is to get people to engage in the activity and click on the link, this in itself takes the relationship to the next stage

Resource Ties

This is the final stage in the process and people will only commit a resource to you (time or money) if they feel they like you (you have been sharing Actor Bonds) and have already recognised that you genuinely care about them (you have been sharing Activity Links).

In this stage of the social media marketing relationship building process for a dentist you can now begin to talk about yourself, talk about the treatments and services you offer, incentives and special offers you provide and what the process is for someone becoming a new patient. You can only progress to this final stage of marketing if you have also spent time in the previous three stages… Don't be tempted to spend all of your time talking about yourself!

Keep the majority of your social media updates in the actor bonds and activity links type of message, only post calls to action and talk about yourself for approximately 20% of the time

Take 10 minutes now to call me on 0845 259 1232, and I'll explain further how we can work together to get your dental practice found and working on the social networks.