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Digital marketing courses for dentistry

Over the years these courses have taken different guises, I'm proud to announce that I am now presenting a series of social media courses in association with Practice Plan

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Dates you have missed (sorry):


March 12th in Bristol

February11th in Evesham

January 28th in Nottingham


This course will completely change your view about Facebook/Twitter/Blogs and their impact on your practice
Dan Hines - Azure Dental

Digital Marketing Kick Start Course for Dentists

About the course presenter

Mark spent over 20 years as a dental technician working exclusively within the high quality sector of the private market, he has 14 years experience of running is own laboratory and a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) majoring in marketing, innovation and creativity. He now works with a select handful of UK dental practices developing their online marketing, website conversions and social media marketing. Mark uniquely blends his indepth knowledge of dentistry, practical business skills and formal business background in to a fun, yet empirically grounded blend of dentistry and business.

Why you need to come on this course

  • How would it be if I could show you a way to increase word of mouth marketing?
  • If you could set yourself up as THE most caring dentist in your local area would that be of benefit to your business?
  • How about if you could build a database of pre-educated and primed local people that are ready to go with treatment, would that be a good thing to have for your practice?
  • "For many, the Web isn’t a place to look for information, it’s the only place"
  • Social media marketing allows you to do all these things, and this course will show you how.

What does the course entail?

It is a one day full on maketing masterclass from the UK's top marketing professional. You will have ample time to discuss your own onlinemarketing issues with the day being mainly a live walk through of Facebook, Twitter, Email marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (Google Number 1).

The course is limited to 12 delegates to ensure you get the closest attention, with the day being flexible enough to allow detailed discussions around your most important topics.

Mark really knows his business! This turns social media into something really powerful - not just for playing with.
James Russell - The London Smile Clinic

What is included in the day?

Mark Oborn - What I Do

Simple hints and tips about the 'why' and the 'how' of Online Marketing for dentistry

This session lifts the lid on online marketing and explores the many ways it can be used to build a dental practice. The session will be a mix of practical demonstration and presentation. We'll look at the empirical foundations of marketing to find out what works and why, then uncover how you can use these concepts in Social Media. The main themes are:

  • Why is Social Media so powerful?
  • How to monitor who is saying what about you and your practice
  • How to attract patients to the practice using social media
  • What to look out for with other 'new' social networking sites
  • Staying safe on Social Media
  • Paying for adverts on Social Media - some simple do's and don'ts
  • Getting your website found on Google
  • Increasing patient numbers with email marketing

Facebook presence

Mark Oborn - Facebook presence

Creating an engaging and fun Facebook presence

Facebook continues to grow and now boasts over 46% of the UK population as users! This session will focus on the practical use of Facebook as part of a cohesive and 'joined up'online marketing strategy. I have clients achieving a 25% conversion rate from Facebook and we'll look at how you can do the same. Specifically we'll look at:

  • How to set up a Facebook Page
  • How to keep your private life private!
  • What to say
  • Who to say it to
  • When to say it
  • How to respond and deal with negative comments
  • How to find content for your new page
  • How to create and maintain an active fan page
  • How to get fans to your page

Using Twitter

Mark Oborn - Using Twitter

Using Twitter to build trust and set your practice up as THE experts in the local area

Research has shown that Twitter provides the best source of referrals and business out of all the Social Media marketing channels. My own statistics certainly bear this out. In this session we'll take a highly practical look at the world of marketing on Twitter plus examine some programs and apps for managing your Twitter marketing day to day.

  • How to set up a Twitter Profile
  • How to use Twitter in dentistry
  • What to say
  • Who to say it to
  • When to say it
  • How to respond and deal with negative comments
  • How to find content to share

Email marketing & SEO

Mark Oborn - Email marketing & SEO

Running a successful Email marketing campaign without upsetting the recipients

Email is the most powerful tool in the online arsenal, but is also the most often misused and abused. This session will explore when to use email and when not to, then how to build and develop an email marketing campaign that doesn't annoy the recipients.

  • How to set up an email marketing campaign
  • How to get names and addresses on to your campaign
  • Key words and phrases to use to get your emails opened
  • Simple tricks to get a response to emails

The Value of Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website and getting your practice found online with Social Media is a great way to grab multiple positions on Google, in this session we'll look at how you can do this with:

  • Blogs | YouTube | Facebook | Twitter | Linked in

What will happen to your practice once you've been on this course?

You will view marketing in a totally new light, you will be able to see the value in marketing on social media and will have the tools and understands required to make this happen.

When you implement your learnings you will find your practice will become a focus in the local community and people will know you are the 'dentist that cares'.

You'll know how to develop relationships with local people so they trust new and are educated about their own dental health and the solutions that you provide.

Your business will grow as a result.

Sounds exciting huh?

From the very basics of social networking to the more technical advice - Mark has the answers
Kirsty Hague - Hague Dental Supplies

Common Concerns Answered

Is this you? "Oh man, I don't have time to do all this stuff... I just want to be a dentist!"

Yep, this is a comment I hear many, many times and you're not alone in thinking this. So here's the deal, on this course I'll show you how you can set all this up and set 70% of it to run autmatically, the other 30% I'll show you how you can deleagate to team members so YOU spend your time doing what you do best... being a great dentist.

There is of course some initial set up time that needs to be put aside... but you know what, if you're not prepared to do it, I bet the practice down the road is... so what are YOU going to do to stay ahead?

"I think I'll wait a bit to see how this social media stuff pans out"

Ok, well it's your call if you want to do this, but all the time you're not developing your online marketing, your getting left behind, so here are a few statistics to back up what I'm saying:

  • In 2010, 30.1 million adults in the UK (60 per cent) accessed the Internet every day
  • 97 per cent of adults educated to degree level had accessed the Internet
  • The number of adults who bought or ordered goods or services online reached 31 million
  • 31 per cent of Internet users aged 45 to 54 used the Internet to post messages to Social Networking sites
  • 48% of the UK population are on Facebook
  • On Facebook 35% of users are over 35 years old
  • On Facebook the fastest growing age group is 45-65 year olds

(Source: Items 1-4 ONS Opinions Survey, items 5-7

Now think about the patients you see for high value cosmetic and rehabilitation cases… how many are adults aged 35 and over, educated to degree level? These guys are online, looking for information, sharing ideas with each other and they have dental problems and the money to pay for it!

Do you still want to wait and see how it all pans out?

Please call Mark on 0845 259 1232 for further details