What Mark does

Mark makes the 'phone ring and email ping' by getting your website found (traffic optimisation), then get's the maximum number of people to contact you (conversion optimisation).

This means you:

Get found | Stay head of your competition | Get patients contacting you


Here's how he does this

Traffic Optimisation

There are multiple ways of getting people to your website including search engine optimisation (being found on Google etc), social media and paid advertising (PPC) on social media such as Facebook and search engines such as Google.

However, you could have 1 million visitors to your website a month, but if none of them take action then the whole exercise is pointless. I see this often, practices spend a fortune on paid advertising and get little result…

In conjunction with traffic optimisation, conversion optimisation is also required.

Conversion Optimisation

once people are on your website we want them to take action, conversion optimisation includes ensuring your website has calls to action with great content and also things for people to do depending upon where they are in their decision-making process, primarily this is done using automated, gentle and robust e-mail marketing strategies.

Some people may be in the information gathering stage, they may not be ready to take any definitive action yet, we need something for these people to do so that we can gather their details then slowly and gently build relationships with them in the long-term.

Some people may be almost ready to request an appointment but need a small incentive to encourage them, we need something on your website to encourage these people to take action right here and right now.

The last group of people may be ready to request an appointment, we need to ensure these people can find the page they need quickly and easily and that once they book we have a way to manage the relationship as an ongoing patient.

If you have something for each of these people to do that is relevant and right for them then you will find your website becomes highly converting.

How well does your website perform in each of these areas?