Dental Website Audit

Shed some LIGHT on your online marketing

How well does your online marketing and website work and could it be improved? This comprehensive website audit will give each of the five key areas of performance a rank so that you can take action.

What's included in the audit?

The audit will look at five key performance areas of your website:

  • Findability
  • Usability
  • Shareability
  • Effectiveness
  • Longevity

Within each of these Key Performance Areas I will rank 46 Individual Elements, each element will be given a score.

traffic light warning

These 46 individual elements will then come together to give you an overall score for each of the key performance areas.

You can then see which area of your website needs the most attention to ensure you get the maximum return on anything you spend.

What happens once the audit is complete?

Once the audit has been completed you can either make the changes yourself, send them to your web designer for their opinion or contact me and I can make the changes for you - I'll then refund your £35 audit fee.

The audit forms the basis of the overall Mark Oborn Light service. When you ensure these five key performance areas are performing to the maximum and you have an active, engaging and effective social media stream you will find that your marketing efforts begin to work 24/7/365.

Start improving today

  • Get your website audit today for £35
  • You'll see where your online marketing can be improved and find out if you'd benefit from developing your online marketing further.
  • Have this refunded if you decide that further work is required*
  • It's a win/win, for £35 you get a comprehensive report on how you can improve your website yourself, or, if you decide to go ahead with the "Light" package (assuming that I feel you'd benefit) you get this refunded.

Once payment has been made I'll email you to ask which site you would like audited

website audit

website audit example

I really liked the layout of the audit. The traffic light colour coding was helpful, ensuring I was able to see our weaknesses and strengths straight away.
Kelly McC 25-2-16
Audit is easy to read... I like the clarity
Kathy R 26-2-16
For me the audit is useful as it identifies areas that need working on that I hadn't previously considered, and thus provides a checklist of things to do.
R. Payne 25-2-16 *refunded against Mark Oborn Light or Fully Managed