Mark Oborn Affiliate Partner Program





How can I earn money from

It's simple, I have a range of products on this site available from the shop. Once registered as a partner I will send you your own unique web address to direct people to, if a person follows this link to this website and signs up to any of my online products (excludes my regular consulting service) YOU get 30% commission. Nothing could be simpler.

This is how it works.

  • I provide you with your own unique partner URL code (web address)
  • You recommend my products and Tweet or Facebook a link (see example tweets below)
  • A fan/follower follows this link then signs up on this site
  • I track that fan/follower with your unique URL to see which package they signed up for
  • I send you a cheque with a report of the number of referrals you made and the number of signups
  • You make money while you sleep!

What is someone retweets my link or shares my Facebook post?

This is where its gets really cool... the link they share will still be yours, so YOU will still get the commission if someone clicks on it - so be imaginative with your Tweets/Facebooks to get the most amount of shares/retweets.

Example Tweets

"Is it time for you to increase your Twitter productivity? Give Social Media Borg a try <<your link here>>"
"Why you should use Social Media Borg <<your link here>>"
"Manage and schedule your Twitter posts with Social Media Borg <<your link here>>"
"Discover great content to share on Twitter with Social Media Borg <<your link here>>"
"Find out how to set an automated email program <<your link here>>"
"Struggle to find time to Tweet? Here's an automated system for you <<your link here>>"

All <<your link here>> URLs will be shortened like this so people won't be able to identity that you are using an affiliate link.

Earn money with - become a partner.

For each person you refer that signs up I will pay a commission as follows:

  • Social Media Borg SOLO, 30% Commission, £4 Payment
  • Social Media Borg MARKETER, 30% Commission, £9 Payment
  • Social Media Borg BUSINESS, 30% Commission, £20 Payment
  • Social Media Borg AUTO SYSTEM, 30% Commission, £17 Payment
  • How to Set up an Aweber Automated Email Marketing Campaign, 30% Commission, £13.50 Payment

This is a one off payment paid in month one and is dead easy to do, you don't even need to have a subscription yourself to make money out of it.

Being an affiliate partner means you can literally earn money while you sleep by recommending using your own affiliate link URL, simply tweet about the software then wait for the pay cheque to turn up if people subscribes using your link!

How to register as a partner to earn money from
Click here to subscribe using our Affiliate Partner Program form. The system is fully automated and once I have your details I'll send your unique affiliate code plus full and simple instructions.

Just to let you know I use spam arrest, so watch out for the email from me asking you to verify your email address - sorry about this but I get a ton of spam!

You do nothing!

Do you already have social media borg software? Yes, then let me do ALL the work for you. I will schedule a series of tweets in Borg, once per week using your own affiliate link, you just sit back and do nothing.

All I need is your permission to do this - I'll send a list of proposed messages, once you have agreed it I will schedule them all for you. No messages will go out without your approval.

You really need to do absolutely nothing, a total no brainer really!

To register as an Affiliate Partner simply fill in the form to the right today...

The small print: Commission is only payable in month 1 of any subsription service listed above and is not applicable to the Fully Managed Marketing Service which remains Mark Oborn's core business