Mark Recommends

Ok, so you call me in to your practice to help with your dental online marketing, perhaps to set up a Facebook page, Twitter account or assist with YouTube marketing. You may even call me in to get your existing website working for your practice.

I'm happy to work with you on your online marketing, but running a successful practice is about more than just marketing... what if I do a fantastic job on your website, but patients are being put off when they answer the phone? Or what if you want a video for your home page? Or perhaps your team isn't performing and ensuring that our successful marketing techniques work?

This is why I have filled this page with other professionals that I trust and/or have worked with. The ultimate aim for any online marketing will be to increase sales and profits, and I feel it is my duty as your online marketing consultant to help you address ALL areas of your business where you can increase sales and profits.

The links across the top of this page are my personal recommendations for running a successful dental practice in 2011.