Portfolio of Projects Mark is working on

These projects are managed by me, but please note I am NOT a website designer and work with your existing designers to your agreed design concepts.

If you need a web designer reference please contact me for details.

My speciality is website content, marketing social media and making your website work for you!

Here's what a few people say about Mark...

For my part, the most valuable part of the day was when Mark challenged me on [our] core values – and as always I stuttered and stammered- BUT it made me THINK!

The 2nd most valuable part of the day for me was that Mark has helped me clear up an internal conflict about the place of the Care Plan within [the practice] and how it integrates with our core values – I slept last night soundly having put that one to bed.

At first it may seem ironic that a man comes to set up a marketing strategy with us and ends up taking us back to our primary reason for existence – but on examination it is clear that:

People respond best to marketing messages that have integrity
Therefore the marketing has to project the true nature of the practice
We pride ourselves on integrity in all our dealings with patients, each other and all people associated with the business – and our marketing message should reflect and reinforce that quality of approach

In short, to create a marketing strategy to be as successful as possible Mark first had to find out what our primary motivation is – and if we are not clear on that – to help us to be clear

I am now clearer than ever on the direction of Winning Smiles, our primary motivation and core values.
Andrew Fennel - Winning Smiles Dentistry
Mark is a go to guy for social media marketing education in UK dentistry.
Chris Barrow, Founder and Principal at The Dental Business Club
Mark is first class in what he delivers. He has a fantastic understanding of using social media to increase awarness of your services. I will continue to use Mark for a long time.
Dr Harry Singh, Aesthetics, Hatfield
Mark is an accomplished blogger, emarketer and social networking geek.....so you don't have to be.
Kevin Rose, Thought Leadership for Dentistry
Mark is a very talented and wonderful person. He has an amazing knowledge of Dentistry and the ways in which it operates through his years of experience. Mark's Marketing business is great - he is teaching dentists the cutting edge aspects of social media and web presence and is achieving great results with his clients - this I know from his clients not from Mark! I would use Mark for all your online marketing including SEO and PPC management, his advice and experience combined are very powerful!
Laura Horton, Laura Horton Consuting LTD (business partner)
Mark has created a niche building a reputation as a social media marketing expert. Yet Mark is a genius in marketing overall. Mark has an innovative, ingenius and brilliant approach to marketing your dental business. Mark has some excellent, in-depth knowledge of how you can use digital and social media to reach out to a new niche of patients. If you are looking to find someone to help your digital strategy in dental practice - you have found your man. No one betters Mark in what he does" November 15, 2010
Dentinal Tubules, Owner
Working with Mark for the last 12 months has helped us cover more ground faster in enhancing our web presence. Working as a team with Mark has made us more accessible to both our existing and potential patients. Running a dental practice well takes a huge amount of effort, Mark is a great resource and really eases the burden in the area of web development and promotion.
Dr Fraser Hendrie
Mark and his SEO company have added incredible value to our clients' websites. I would personally recommend Mark Oborn Ltd to anyone looking to improve their web presence.
Iain Forster, Managing Director, DIO Corporation
I'm a dental practice owner and am working with Mark on optimising my website and online marketing. Great guy, approachable - recommend him.
Dr R Clarke-Irons
I have just hired Mark for second year of e-marketing consultancy. What I love about his approach is the initial in-depth analysis of who we are, what our goals and values are. Then going more than the extra mile in implementing the agreed plan but always seeking ways to improve and change the plan in line with the results. Also Mark makes himself available for advice as needed, from his in-depth knowledge of the dental world. I am very happy to recommend Mark Oborn's services to my dental colleagues.
Richard Charon
Mark is responsive, flexible and available. His ability to adjust his approach to meet you at your own level of understanding on each topic under discussion means that fast progress is made in all areas. Mark consistently innovates on behalf of his clients and is an absolute pleasure to work with. We are glad to have him as part of our business family.

Dr F Hendrie

Natureza Dental Practice in Croyden is also a client.

Mark has also worked with Glen Dental Practice in Leicester