Dental Implant Marketing System

Are you looking for the most efficient way to attract the right type of dental implant patient in to your practice?

Perhaps you want more people to take action from your website, rather than just read it and bounce away again?

Making your website work for you is a simple way to ensure you have a marketing machine that works 24-hours a day, even whilst you are asleep and on holiday.

And so I bring you the 'Mark Oborn Light' dental implant marketing package, it takes the very best bits of my full online marketing services, condenses them into a shorter period, tailored exclusively for dental implant patient attraction.

All the very best bits of my full marketing package for less.

There really is light at the end of the tunnel!

Dental Implant Marketing that works

Patients that visit your website may not all be ready to book an appointment straightaway.

They may:

  • Be simply looking for information on how to solve a problem e.g. replacing missing teeth or looking for information about a specific treatment to resolve that problem e.g. dental implants
  • Have done their research about their problem and treatment and are searching for the right service provider
  • Have researched the service provider and decided that you are the one they wish to go for.

Increasing conversions

We therefore need to provide things for each of these people to do, in order that they can feel as though they have taken action whilst on your site (at the same time we get to collect their information!). For the respective categories above this should be:

  • A Free dental implant PDF download to answer their questions about replacing missing teeth. (We then drop them into GDPR compliant automated intelligent email marketing program)
  • An incentive to request an appointment. This will help to convince patients if they are wavering about requesting an appointment.
  • Request an appointment facility - including a virtual digital consultation from their own home (this is then convenient and cost effective for the patient).

All of these conversions should be tracked in Google analytics, we can then see where traffic comes from and focus more on that traffic source and/or conversion page.

This then sets up a fully automated and robust marketing system which works 24/7/365… Never sleeping!


This is a bespoke service so costs will vary, however one can expect a typical monthly fee to be £480 inc VAT for 8 months. Standard fees for the full system are currently £695 inc VAT for 12 months.

Mark Oborn 'Light' Dental Implant Marketing offers you

  • a 1 hour virtual consultation with Mark to agree KPIs, identify current strengths and weaknesses and perform a competitor analysis.
  • 'Dental Implant <location>' Google search optimisation
  • Website health audit (equivalent to a dental health check) and correction of errors
  • Google Maps optimisation to be found for searches that include your location
  • Branded dental implant email marketing system
  • Intelligent email marketing automation - varying responses dependant on interaction with previous emails
  • Reviews System to collect reviews from implant patients
  • 'Calls to Action' analysis and modification, with tracking to prove results
  • Dental Implant website content that is designed to engage and convert
  • Dental Implant blogging to attract Google to your website
  • Social Media Marketing via local groups interaction
  • Google Goal tracking and analysis
  • Monthly reports of new patients in spreadsheet to include name, phone and email

Actual client results

marketing proof

Chris Barrow
Social media is no fad - it represents a permanent change in the way we communicate in the worlds of B2B, B2P and even P2P (in other words, everything!). Mark has been there since the beginning and has created a footprint in UK dentistry that establishes him as one of the foremost experts on the subject of social media marketing in the profession. You ignore what he says and does at your peril. Don't miss the boat.
Chris Barrow - November 28, 2011
Founder, Principal and Business Coach, The Dental Business Club (business partner)
Mark has created a niche building a reputation as a social media marketing expert. Yet Mark is a genius in marketing overall. Mark has an innovative, ingenius and brilliant approach to marketing your dental business. Mark has some excellent, in-depth knowledge of how you can use digital and social media to reach out to a new niche of patients. If you are looking to find someone to help your digital strategy in dental practice - you have found your man. No one betters Mark in what he does" November 15, 2010
Dentinal Tubules, Owner
Working with Mark for the last 12 months has helped us cover more ground faster in enhancing our web presence. Working as a team with Mark has made us more accessible to both our existing and potential patients. Running a dental practice well takes a huge amount of effort, Mark is a great resource and really eases the burden in the area of web development and promotion.
Dr Fraser Hendrie
I have just hired Mark for second year of e-marketing consultancy. What I love about his approach is the initial in-depth analysis of who we are, what our goals and values are. Then going more than the extra mile in implementing the agreed plan but always seeking ways to improve and change the plan in line with the results. Also Mark makes himself available for advice as needed, from his in-depth knowledge of the dental world. I am very happy to recommend Mark Oborn's services to my dental colleagues.
Richard Charon

What is included in "Mark Oborn Light"?

Making your website more:


Mark Oborn - What I Do

On-site and off-site search optimisation to ensure your website is found by patients and Google.

This includes ensuring your website has:

  • Effective and Google/Bing/Yahoo friendly website metadata (titles, description, images) so you are found more on Google
  • Content that is attractive to Google and patients
  • Inbound Links, these are 'votes' for your site around the web (inbound links)
  • High Quality votes/links with as few as possible that are low quality. Some votes/links may need to be removed or disavowed in Google.
  • Links to other high quality websites and that those links are formatted in the correct way to avoid you loosing rank to other competitor websites.

Get all this right and it means your website is found and liked more by patients interested in implants. More hits to the website = more patients!


Mark Oborn - How I Do It

The easier it is for each user to navigate, read the content, engage with the content and find what they are looking for the more conversions you will get.

This includes ensuring your website has:

  • Quality content that is written in the correct format to engage users (why, what, how, what if).
  • Content which uses different representational systems in the way you explain things (seeing, hearing, feeling, processing).
  • The ability for patients to make a general enquiry, request an appointment
  • An enjoyable journey 'flow' for the user as well as for Google to crawl your site
  • Opening hours listed
  • Prices visible, and more importantly, explained

Get all this right and it means your website is patient friendly, easy to use and answers their questions. Happy website users = more patients!


Mark Oborn - How I Do It

The easier it is for each user to share your content the easier you make it for your patients to talk about you, and we all know the power of patient referrals!

This includes ensuring your website has:

  • Social media sharing features
  • Social media following features to ensure your website visitors can follow your dental health updates on various social media channels
  • A quality and engaging social media stream with uniquely created and engaging content

Get all this right and it means your website/online presence is shareable, findable and engaging. More website users = more patients!


Mark Oborn - How I Do It

Online marketing is most effective when you have the highest conversion rate from your website. The effectiveness section looks at 'conversion optimisation'.

This includes ensuring your website:

  • Has information about why prices are as they are. A simple price list isn't enough, you need to add VALUE to that price.
  • Is focused around the patient and their needs, not yours!
  • Adequate and effective 'Social proof' to reduce risk and increase trust for new prospective new patients. (These are key marketing points for dentistry!)
  • Uses well constructed references to other useful websites, to demonstrate that you care about your website visitors and want to help them.
  • Tells people what to do and when, we call these 'calls to action' in marketing speak.

Get all this right and it means your website is effective and works to convert visitors to patients. A higher conversion rate = more patients!


Mark Oborn - How I Do It

Longevity looks at how easy it is to engage with website visitors over an extended period. A poor website allows people to bounce off again, a good website will have mechanisms to be able to engage with people over a longer term. This allows us to build trust slowly.

This includes ensuring your website:

  • Has an effective mechanism to collect details from people that are 'ready to go'.
  • Has an effective mechanism to collect details from people that are 'almost ready to go' but need a little nudge.
  • Has an effective mechanism to collect details from people that are in the 'replacing missing teeth information gathering' stage of their search for a solution to their problem.
  • Has an effective mechanism to collect details from people that want to ask a question.
  • Social media following features to ensure your website visitors can follow your dental health updates on various social media channels.

Get all this right and it means your website has a longevity which enables you to build trust and reduce risk for prospective new patients. The lowest risk dentist with the highest trust attracts the most new patients!

In short...

The whole system of dental implant marketing ensures your website peforms better in the following key performance areas

  • Findability
  • Usability
  • Shareability
  • Effectiveness
  • Longevity

An actual example of the number of hits increase for a London dental practice website.

Hits per month before

Hits per month after 6 months

Hits per month after 1 year

Hits per month after 18 months

Shine some light on your dental implant marketing