Kevin Rose

Dental Business Coach

I've worked with Kevin on a number of occasions, most notably on a series of courses and seminars we ran together. Kevin's strong point, and USP is his ability to enable a dentist to reconnect with the joy of dentistry... to reconnect with the patient, and reconnect with the reason for becoming a dentist in the first place. Kevin uses structure and a keen insight in to the way we work as a human to help his clients succeeed both as dentists and as businessmen.

Kevin Rose helps my work with my clients by helping them relax and enjoy dentistry again, and by giving them a clear focus and strategy for success.

In my opinion you should call Kevin if:

  • You don't enjoy dentistry any more
  • You find the hassle of running a dental business gets in the way of being a dentist
  • Your team are under performing

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I spent over 20 years in the world of banking and finance and met with hundreds of business owners. I now use my experience and knowledge as a thought leader in dentistry to inspire dental practice owners and their teams to have amazing businesses.

Plenty of new patients, looking after the existing ones, healthy profit margins and efficiencies throughout the business – you may aspire to these or many other desirable outcomes, but to consistently achieve what you want in a way that appears effortless to others, will require you to have a higher level of business awareness, a new level of expertise and most importantly, structure
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