Dental Blogging and Content Creation for Dental Professionals

You may understand the importance of writing a dental blog for your dental practice website, it's one of the best ways to market a dental practice by gently building relationships with local people and demonstrating that you have the knowledge, time and empathy to help them with their dental problem. It's also one of the best ways to rank in Google and get your entire website found.

Factors to consider when writing a dental blog

When writing a dental blog you should bear a number of factors in mind

  • What topics are potential patients searching for online? The best blogs understand this an answer patients questions directly.
  • Pick a topic which has high search volume but low difficulty, that way you can easily outrank the competition.
  • Blog topic research is critical to ensure you pick up on any hot topic search trends in Google. This makes well researched blogs great for search engine optimisation.
  • What semantically related phrases and words do people use? For example did you know that people don't often search online for "facial rejuvenation"? They use the term "skin clinic".
  • What specific questions do people ask about your chosen topic? Answering these questions specifically means your blog will be more relevant and be found on Google
  • How easy is your blog to read? Generally speaking a blog should score around 65 on the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease Score Formula.
  • Use your target words and phrases. But be warned, use your target phrases too much and you will be penalised by Google, use them not enough and you won't be seen in the search results.
  • Structure your blog in the right way to make it easy to read and be found in the search results.
  • Link to other useful resources both within your website and outside, this indicates to Google that your blog is a useful resource meaning it is more likely to be found.
  • Ensure your blog has high authority by reaching out to other dental health bloggers and asking them to link back to it. This is known as inbound link building and is a great way to ensure your blog ranks highly in the search results.
  • Create an introductory image so that when the blog gets shared on social media it has an immediate draw people to click on and read.

Let me do all of the hard work for you

Researching, writing, creating images, uploading, sharing and reaching out to other websites to link back to your blog can take many, many hours. However, in order to get the maximum out of any blog post it's incredibly important that this is done.

Monthly dental blogging service..

For a fixed fee per month I will:

  • Research your chosen topic.
  • Analyse the competition for your chosen topic.
  • Research which words and phrases have the highest search volume and lowest difficulty to ensure your blog post ranks.
  • Create a spreadsheet of semantically related words and phrases that will be used in the blog.
  • Provide a report of common questions that people ask about your chosen topic.
  • Analyse the competition to see how many words they use in the pages that rank for your chosen topic.
  • Analyse the competition to see what the Flesch-Kincaid reading scale is of their blogs and ensure ours matches.
  • Write the blog post.
  • Structure the blog post around the semantically related keywords and questions that people ask, based upon my reports.
  • Create an attractive image to use as a header and footer sharing on social media.
  • Upload your blog post to your blog.
  • Reach out to other health bloggers for a link back to your blog post.
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What impact will this have on your website?

Having great quality content on your site will mean that Google finds it, sends people to it. People then begin to build a deeper relationship with you as a dentist in the local area, it enhances trust and reduces risk.

Don't just go on what I say though, here's the proof

The following image shows the top 10 performing pages for a client website, the arrows show the pages which are blog posts. Notice that the first line is a blog post which is responsible for 51.91% of all traffic to the website with people remaining on that page for 6 minutes 9 seconds!

increasing traffic after a dental blog

This is another client, of the top 10 performing pages of the website 6 of them are blog posts they are responsible for 41% of all traffic to the website

proof that a blog increases traffic

Yet another client experiencing high volume of traffic on the blog.

a dental blog increases traffic to a website

How much does this monthly dental blogging service cost?

So, you have read what a blog can do for your dental practice, how it can help you engage with patients and reach more other local people and now you want to know the price!

The fixed monthly fee is £384 including VAT

There would be no contract and you could cancel any time. You would simply provide me with the treatments and services you wish to promote and access to your blog. If you don't already have a blog on your website I can provide recommendations for dental website designers as I don't offer the service myself.

Ready to attract more patients to your practice?
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