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Here’s a wee question for you… When does your ‘patient or customer journey’ that so many people talk about, start? The minute they walk through your door? The minute they make an appointment? The first time you speak to them on the phone?

I believe the journey starts the split second they FIRST make ANY contact with you… your website, your advert, your business card or a recommendation. I believe that your ‘surgery experience’ should say something about you and reflect your practice THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS OF BECOMING A PATIENT or CUSTOMER. Throughout the process that leads them to make that first physical contact with you.

I’m not going to give you a 1,2,3 step by step guide on how to improve your patient journey, but I would like to share a few little tricks I have learnt along the way. These tricks work for me and have produced some encouraging comments from the people that have experienced them…

I would strongly encourage you to buy a flipcam and record some videos. Video messages always seem more personal than written text, you can use your face and body language to engage with your prospect much easier than you can with written text.

Use videos for marketing on your website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – if you make an amusing video people may even send it to their friends and you could have a viral video on your hands. Remember, the video of Susan Boyle’s audition on Britains Got Talent had more views than Barak Obama’s inauguration ceremony because of the power of viral video marketing.

Remember in your video marketing message all the same rules apply… pain, your unique solution, direct call to action.

Right, so with your video call to action what do you get them to do?

I would suggest you encourage them to enter their details in a form in exchange for a Knock ‘Em Dead Offer (KEDO) from you. This offer could be money off vouchers, or an eBook help guide to help them on the journey to solving their dental problem.

When they submit their form they will then need to verify their email address (you know the kind of thing, you enter your details on a website and get a little message which says ‘we want to make sure you want our email, we have sent you a verification message, please check your emails and click on the link we have sent you’.)

My suggestions is to make THIS part in video. So when they click on submit, to send their details to you, have a video message of YOU saying the text above, brand it to look like your main website… it is a great way of starting to engage with your prospect.

Right, next step….

When they click on the link in the email to verify their email address send them automatically to another video of you saying ‘Hi, thanks for verifying your email address and requesting more information from us blah, blah, blah’

This really looks great, think about it, it all happens in the space of about 5 minutes. They watch a video of you talking about their dental problem, they start to feel they trust you as you look great and have trusting eyes! You tell them they can get more info from you, they enter their details, click submit and get another video from you. They then pop over to their emails, click verify and get another video. All the time, slowly, slowly you are building trust, building that relationship so by the time they actually come to the surgery they feel like they know you already!

Some might suggest this is a long process, it’s not… remember YOU need to motivate them to enter their details with a seriously good KEDO. If the KEDO is not powerful enough they won’t go through this process.

In this litle series of videos, why not let a story unfold. yu could start by being outside the surgery walking towards it, next video is of you in the reception area, next video is in the surgey itself. It all builds familiarity and trust for the patient.

Powerful stuff huh?

So what’s the result… well, you have started to build trust and familiarity AND you have got their details for further marketing activity AND you can measure conversion rates from marketing activity AND you can now measure ROI from marketing activity!

Setting all this up is quite simple and requires minimal ‘techy’ knowledge. I use a company called Aweber, to manage the links, forms and emails for me and I simply upload the videos to my own webspace. If you want help setting this up, just give me a call on 07769 898798 or email me

Stay sharp,


P.S. For YOUR free guide on eMarketing, including how to create engaging emails and how to get your website to the top of a Google search please visit my dental marketing website.

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