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How to Develop Your Dental Practice Brand & Marketing

Here’s a great example of marketing & Branding. Windows 8 is just another operating system… just like many dentists think their practice is just another dental practice.

Many dentists I talk to, when asked ‘What’s unique about your practice’ say ‘Nothing, we’re just a regular dentist’.

Microsoft Windows 8 could say the same thing, but look at what they did here… great stuff!

They say:

“We replaced stairs with a giant slide in Bluewater Shopping Centre to make shopping as fast and fun as Windows 8.
Discover a new way of doing things with Windows 8.”


Clearly windows believe in being FAST and FUN. What do you believe in? What’s important to you about what you do?

Then think about how you can represent this in your marketing.

If you believe you are about QUALITY and CHOICE you could hold an event for the local people that allows local jewellery retailers to bring their QUALITY jewellery to the practice for a sale where people have lots of CHOICE about what to buy. *That’s just an example by the way!)

It’s about looking for alternate ways to represent your brand… especially when the brand could represent pain, discomfort and fear... which many dental practices can if we’re honest!

Marketing is not necessarily about talking about specific products and services, it’s about representing your practice in the hearts and minds of the local people so that they understand what you are about, and what makes YOU the dentist to choose.

So, your exercise is as follows:

  1. Write down what’s important to you in single words. (fun, challenge, quality, etc) – If you’ve ever worked with a coach you’ll recognise these as your values!
  2. Relist  them in order with the most important at the top
  3. Brainstorm with your staff what activity could represent values number 1 – write down the answers. Be free and bonkers with the answers… anything goes at this stage
  4. Repeat for the top 3 values
  5. Look for cross over ideas to see if there is commonality between the activities.
  6. Cross off any totally stupid ones!
  7. Develop the plausible ideas further.
  8. DO IT!

The key is to not worry about teeth… focus on what you represent as a company and let the ideas flow.

Oh, and one last thing.

Get off your arse and DO IT!