It’s Dental Special Offers Time

In this post I want to go through one danger of running special offers and I want to site as an example
Now GoToMeeting is an absolutely fantastic piece of software which enables us to host meetings over the Internet with up to 15 people. So I can host a meeting, I can share my computer screen, share discussions with people, we can speak in real time and I can show the Internet, my desktop and even share my desktop if I chose. So it’s a fantastic piece of software and I really wanted to purchase it.
So off I go to their website and I signed up to a free trial for 30 days to see if I like it, which was a fantastic idea by GoToMeeting. At the end of my free trial they asked me if I wanted to sign up and I thought ‘No, I’m not quite sure at the moment. I won’t sign up’ and that point it was £49 per month.
So, I left it a week and then I got an email from GoToMeeting saying we are now doing a special discount for me for £39 per month, would I like to sign up now as this offer will expire?
So, I clicked yes. I went through the sign up process and just before I clicked the final confirmation button I thought, “No, I don’t think I do want to sign up, I might wait to see if I get another ‘special Offer’”. So I didn’t sign up.
So now I’m stuck, do I sign up now… or wait for GoToMeeting to come with a BETTER special offer? Is it possible? Could I hang on and on and on, constantly getting more and more special offers with the price coming down and down.
And there in lies one problem with special offers – you have the person waiting longer and longer to see how much the price will come down by…. and I still haven’t pressed the signup button, just in case I get a better special offer tomorrow!
Now I’m not saying we should never run special offers, I’m putting this into the mix as to how sometimes special offers can cause problems as well as advantages.
What similar examples do you know of?
What ways have you overcome this problem?
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