Google Adwords PPC for Dentists

Quite a few clients come to me already running Google adwords campaigns, my questions to them are always the same: How many appointment requests have you had as a result. How many phone calls have you had as a result? How many free consultations have you had as a result? Which geographical location close to […]

Online information processing on a dental practice website

Online information processing on a dental practice website – would you fail this test?

  The best website designs and structures take into account how your patients process information. Good marketing is aware of how the messages on your website are processed by the patient and the corresponding steps you can take to ensure the correct message is received. There are five stages of on-site information processing (1): Exposure – […]

How to get more conversions from your practice website

[Video length: 52 minutes] So many people talk about search engine optimisation and getting found in a Google search, that’s brilliant, but it’s completely pointless if none of those visitors convert into patients, is it? For me, conversion optimisation goes hand-in-hand with search engine optimisation. This month’s meeting of The Dental Marketing Club looked at […]

Facebook may demote your news story if you use baiting style posts

Just before Christmas Facebook announced an update to their algorithm… You did know that Facebook use an algorithm to show posts didn’t you! I’ve been critical of these algorithmic updates in the past as they have sometimes been simply to allow Facebook to gain more revenue, on this occasion, I’m actually quite pleased to see […]