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I have been asked to write a post on optimising a website for search engines…I don’t profess to be a great expert in this, however all the techniques I have used have cost me very little money and have placed my dental laboratory website at #2 on a google search for dental laboratory. Google don’t publish the algorithms they use to find sites, but there are a few known ‘best practices’ that will help.

Firtly you need to decide which ‘key words’ you are going to optimise your site for…for me I chose the words ‘dental laboratory’, this is a personal choice and depends on what you want to achieve. If you run a practice you could chose ‘dental surgery in Brighton’, you might want ‘tooth whitening in Northampton’…you need to chose the best word or phrase for your own business. I wanted to attract business from all round the UK, so I decided not to include a geographical region within my key word.

Label Images – people also do searches for their favorite words/phrases in the image searches, if you label relevent images on your site with these key words your images will be found and your site will rank as more relevent.

Use relevent site description – mine is

“A dental laboratory wesbite designed to support the needs of its customers, providing the best zirconia restorations, implants, dentures, veneers and smile designs”

You can see that my key word is mentioned again, plus I have thrown a few others in for good measure…zirconia…smile designs…so now I am starting to optimise my site for several other key words.

Repeat your key word on your main page. Google looks at a web page and sees how many times, and how soon on that page each key word is mentioned. Once again have a look at my home page and see how soon on that page ‘dental laboratory’ is mentioned…it’s right at the top, within the first few words. If you want to be found under a ‘dentist in Brighton’ search, you need to put these words early on in your site and repeat them often.

In bound links – these are links from other sites to yours. I have been told by experts that these are the most important aspect of search engine optimisation. But not any old link is good enough, a simple ‘click here’ type link is one thing, but what is really valued by search engines is links like this ‘dental laboratory‘ or ‘dental business consultant’ . When you ask others to put links on their sites to yours, make sure they use the words that you are using to optimise your site. This then reinforces the search engines’ ‘view’ that your site is relevent to that particular search of key word(s).

A great way to get inbound links is to write a blog like this (hey, that’s one reason I do it), you can then ‘seed’ your blog on the internet (see a previous post of mine) to get lots of inbound links back to your site. As an example, this blog gets ‘seeded’ in many places online, and at the end of each post I put a few words about this blog….guess what, many of those words are key words that I am optimising my consultancy website for!

The quality of inbound links is also important. Google looks at the refering site and checks it against your site to make sure they are relevent….the more relevent they are the higher up the ranking you will be. What I do is conduct a google search for the key words I want, look at the results then try to get a link to your site from those results; often the results are your competition (in fact they would be the best place to have an inbound link) but with a bit of tenacity it is possible to gets links on lots of good quality and relevent sites.

And finally….make sure google knows you are there. Google search bots will always find your site eventually, but to help them along I aways submit my sites to google.

Some useful websites
add your site to google –

check if your site is registered with google –, then type- site:your url in to the search e.g.

see who links to you –

These are the techniques I used to get SBO Dental Laboratory to the top of a google search for ‘dental laboratory’. I spent most time on inbound links, with this being the key factor that moved me up the ratings.

“OK,” you say “it was a fluke that you got to #2!!”…well here is the proof that it wasn’t a fluke; I opened a dental surgery in October last year, I wanted to optimise it for the key word “private dentures”…do a search and see where we are! ( is my website).

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This blog is part of my service offering dentists and dental technicians business consultancy advice on dental marketing and other dental business issues for everyday use in the dental surgery or dental laboratory

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