How Many Pages Should You Have in Your Website?

dental websitesRight you want to create a new website for your dental practice? But how big should it be, because you know that the more pages you have the more it’s going to cost you to have built!

The first question you need to ask is what you want your website to do?

If you are going to drive people to your website by using conventional off-line marketing, such as leaflets, flyers, radio or some other form of marketing and all you need is for the website to provide a point of contact with a small amount of information about your practice, then a small eight-page website would do the trick – something which pages like this.

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Treatments
  4. Testimonials
  5. Find Us
  6. Fees
  7. Cases
  8. Contact Us

Now, if you are looking for a website that you want to rank on Google, and you wish for the website to do more than be an online brochure and to be a way of attracting new patients to the site when they search on the Internet for things like ‘dental implants <location>’ or ‘teeth whitening <location>’ Then you are going to need significantly more than the simple eight pages listed above.

Think of Google like a librarian in a library and a page on your website like a book in that library. The librarian will want to find the correct book for a person when they are searching to solve their specific problem. A librarian will look through the titles, the content and possibly the images in a specific book to work out if it matches the needs of the person looking.
Of course the book that is about only 18th-century ships will be more relevant to the person searching, and so the librarian is more likely to give them this book than a book that is about other subjects too.Let’s suppose a person looking in that library wants a book about 18th-century ships, which book do you think is more relevant? A book that is only about 18th-century ships, or a book that is about 18th-century ships, 18th-century food, 18th-century dress and 18th-century politics?

Google will do the same, if a person is looking for teeth whitening and your treatment pages have teeth whitening, dental implants, facial aesthetics, dentures and Crown & Bridge then Google will decide not to send the visitor to that page… That page is simply about too many subjects, and Google wants to ensure that the page it sends a searcher to is exquisitely relevant to what the searcher wants.

Now you understand this principle, you will see that you need to have individual treatment pages for every treatment that you offer. In this way you can send a clear message to the librarian in the Google library what exactly you will look (web page) is about.

So how many pages should you have in your website now?

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