Enter the ‘Twittersphere’

Twitter, so what’s all the fuss about then?

For those not familiar with twitter let me explain…Twitter is simply a 160 word message, you can decide to follow another person and keep up to date with what they are twittering. The messages then scroll in date/time order on a simple to use home page. Watch a 3 minute video.
Some people use it to put their stream of consciousness on the internet…this does get a bit boring “off to the shops now” or “polishing my nails”….who cares?
But Twitter is so much more than this. The trick is to follow someone really great, someone that really uses Twitter to the maximum. Follow the people they connect to….then follow those people. Watch the social interactions taking place, take part.
‘It’s not what you know but WHO you know’ never before has this statement been so true.
Twitter can also be used as a ‘mini feed’ for other sites, take a look down the side of my health care blog, it has my twitter feed. Take look at my website, once again a twitter feed is there. I also link my Twitter account to Facebook…so what ever I Tweet ends up as my Facebook profile. At the end of my emails I also have a Twitter feed as a signature.
Twitter is set up on my moblie phone, so with a simple text message I can updateTwitter which then feeds to many, many other places.
Now imagine all your patients were linked in to Twitter…hmm…you could now keep them all up to date with your surgery from your mobile phone. Suppose you run a a special offer for Valentines….one text message and its done.
Twitter doesn’t replace your conventional marketing, but augments it. It enables a social interaction that is not possible other than using the internet.
So go to Twitter now while you are thinking of it. Log in and follow me, then look at who I am following. I recommend you follow Benjamin Ellis, he is a good friend of mine and writes an excellent blog and is a prolific Twitterer, he knows how to use social interaction to its maximum and is a master at it.
I use twitter a lot and it forms a central role in my e-marketing system. For more information on using twitter visit my marketing website and download my free e-book.

See you in the twittersphere.


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