10 Dental Marketing Ideas for Attracting New Patients

Top 10 dental marketing ideas attracting new patients

In the last two years, 21 million people went to the dentist in the U.K. That’s only 1/3 of the population, so it’s clear that getting people to go to the dentist is not easy. On top of that, the number of visits has severely been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The reasons why people avoid going to the dentist vary, but, as you will know the truth is that going to the dentist is crucial. The best way to get them to visit your website is by thinking of dental marketing ideas or learning marketing strategies & tactics from dental marketing courses.

This article will explore 10 marketing ideas that’ll help dental practitioners boost the number of patients. Before getting into the list, let’s briefly discuss three critical matters: attracting more patients, marketing treatments, and promoting a dental practice.

How To Attract More Dental Patients 

Unfortunately, people need to be continuously reminded that they need to go to the dentist. That’s why dental practitioners need to understand CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and develop a dental marketing strategy to successfully get existing and new patients to continue to visit. The good news is that there are many ways of reminding patients to visit than ever before.

Dental practitioners can make full use of social media or email marketing to stay in constant contact with patients. Email marketing and social media remind people they should go to the dentist while giving them the option of going when they want. This also helps attract new patients, as so many people use social media nowadays, especially during the virus crisis 

Email marketing and social media will be discussed in greater detail later on in the article. 

Marketing Dental Treatments

One of the biggest mistakes many professionals in the dental practice field make is thinking dentistry is a transactional market. They need to remember that dentistry is a relationship market, and the idea is to build trust with patients. Once trust has been established, it’ll be easier for them to get the dental treatment they need.

Dental practitioners can establish trust by communicating with their patients with social media posts, telephone calls, video calls and more. They should also follow the ideas outlined in the article and if they need extra guidance perhaps in role on some dental marketing courses.

How to Promote a Dental Practice

While email marketing and social media presence are essential parts of a dental marketing strategy, it’s not enough. A dental practitioner needs to optimise their website (Google #1), add a blog and create ads for their practice. Thankfully, they can find reputable professionals that specialise in these things or even attend dental marketing courses.

The following section will discuss the marketing ideas that have already been mentioned in greater detail and introduce some new ones. 

1. Dental Marketing Ideas During COVID

Despite many dental offices being up to date with the latest preventative measures, people seem to still be afraid of going to the dentist. Highlighting proper PPE, improved sanitisation practices, patient screening, and minimised waiting room crowds are some the things they can do. After all, they’re putting themselves in an exposed position when they step into a dental office, so putting their mind to ease is of the utmost priority.

I’ve created some more content here about the specifics of marketing during the coronavirus.

2. Dental Social Media Marketing Ideas

As previously mentioned, social media presence is an excellent way of attracting new patients. Instagram is one of the most effective ways to utilise this dental marketing idea. Orthodontists can show off nice before-and-after pictures which will attract new patients. 

3. Appointment Prompts

People might forget about going to their appointments because of the busy lives they live, yes, you know that happens! Dental practitioners can help them by using Google calendar alerts or sending appointment confirmations and reminders by email & text. This keeps you continuously front of mind.

4. Create a Blog

When a business has a blog alongside their website, it’ll significantly increase presence on Google, why do you think I write this one. As people are continually searching for answers, a well-written and SEO optimised blog will help a website come out on top of the search results. This is perhaps the most effective dental marketing strategy on this list.

5. Optimise Overall Website 

Even if a website has a nice and modern design, it’ll do nothing to attract new patients if it’s not optimised. The most useful thing to do is hire a professional to optimise a website, as they know what needs to be done. Of course, taking SEO courses can enable dental practitioners to optimise their own site.

6. Virtual dentistry

Due to the pandemic, people are now used to staying home, which has made them used to do things virtually. Emphasising virtual dentistry (appointments performed virtually) can fundamental to dental marketing. Virtual consultations help patients build trust with you, prior to leaving their home, which can really help save time in the practice.

7. Local Facebook Ads

A highly effective dental marketing strategy is using Facebook to place ads. Local Awareness ads on Facebook are a great way to reach a local audience. Dental practitioners can add details like the address, distance to the business, or operation hours. Facebook has a very clever algorithm which can then learn, it will learn which type of people are most likely to request an appointment and then show those people more adverts. This really is using the connected power of the Facebook database!

8. Email Marketing

As already mentioned, by using email marketing dental practitioners can give patients the option to make an appointment without being pushy. The real secret here is to be able to collect an e-mail address from a patient very early on in their decision-making process.

When you understand the psychology of someone on your website, you can then utilise e-mail marketing more effectively, here’s a video I’ve created.

9. Parasitic Marketing

It’s a dreadful name, I know but parasitic marketing is the principle of using other people to do your marketing for you. Let’s say you have a local gym that was absolutely brilliant are getting their name out locally. You might be able to offer gym members a special offer to keep their teeth healthy, as well as their body.

You could offer to provide the gym with some marketing videos or information leaflets, the gym would then use their existing network to distribute these… At no cost yourself.

10. Google Ads

Google is the most popular search engine globally, so placing ads on it is very important. By effectively using this dental marketing strategy, dental practitioners can be the first to pop up when people search for “dentist <location>” or “<treatment>< location>”. If you are clever about using your Google paid advertising budget you can optimise it for the best performing local area and demographic.

By following these 10 ideas, a dental practitioner will reach more patients while keeping existing ones.

Each Dental Marketing Idea Is Important

In the world of dentistry, every dental marketing idea is needed to be able to survive, especially right now. Hopefully, with the knowledge given in this article, you can thrive and reach more patients than ever.

Of course, taking dental marketing courses will further increase the effectiveness of the information given.

This Dental Marketing Course has been designed by an expert in the dental and marketing field. Mark Oborn has run a dental laboratory for 14 years and worked in dentistry for 23 years as a dental technician. He also has a major in marketing & creativity, coupled with a Masters Degree in Business (MBA).

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