Generate Attention, Interest, Desire and Action and see an improvement in marketing response

This is a simple way to get you marketing working better for you and one of the simplest acronyms to remember, yet one that can have the biggest impact on your marketing, AIDA:





With every marketing communication you should seek to grab attention, so that’s the headline, the email subject line, the Facebook status update or the tweet on Twitter.

Once you’ve grabbed attention you then need to capture the readers interest, that’s the rest of your Facebook fan page content, the content of your email, the first few lines of text in your flyer or the link that you send your Twitter followers to.

Once you have ensured they are interested you need to create desire, that’s the emotion linked to your services, the burning desire your prospect has to solve their problem to which you have the solution.

And lastly, and often the one that is missed, be very clear about the action you want them to take. That’s a response to your email, a re-tweet on Twitter, a comment on your Facebook page or a phone call at the practice.

It’s simple to remember, AIDA

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