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I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to a brand new and exciting course I am running this year, take a look at this video it explains it all….


If you can’t see the video, watch it on YouTube


Prepare to revolutionise your dental ‘online marketing’…




This is more than a single day course, this is a whole new way of thinking about your marketing, your dental practice and the internet. The day will be part presentation and part facilitation with YOU deciding the content and the direction the course takes to be most relevent to YOU.




Book now and prepare to never view marketing the same again…



What is included in the course?


All the usual stuff… detailed course notes, tea, coffee, cakes, lunch… you know the score! BUT you will also benefit from:

  1. A marketing review of your dental practice website with a detailed report of what changes to make – worth £100
  2. Search Engine Optimisation review of your website – worth £100
  3. One half hour coaching call with Mark, one month after the event to discuss how the implementation of course material is progressing – worth £120
  4. The entire cost of this course refunded if you decide to enrol on Mark’s eMarketing coaching program*


This is not an ordinary course!


The day will be broken in to 3 sections:




Presentation: Covering Marketing Fundamentals for Improved Responses


Facilitation: Working through YOUR challenges and putting together a plan – facilitated by Kevin Rose from Azimuth Dental


Workshop: Looking at how to achieve your plan and practical help for overcoming technical fears and problems





What will be covered on the day?




Presentation: Marketing Fundamentals – 1 hour




Presented by Mark Oborn MBA LBIDST


The science of empirical marketing – You practice evidence based dentistry don’t you? Well, now practice evidence based marketing.




The golden rules of marketing to attract Attention, Interest, Desire and Action


Understanding what your patients really buy from you… and it’s not teeth!


Why the classic ‘selling’ marketing model is outdated, why it antagonises patients and what you need to do about it


How to get patients to buy from you rather than you selling to them – the art of making a profit by ‘unselling’ and building relationships


How to attract more patients than the practice down the road by building relationships


Understanding the psychology of the selection process that new patients will use when looking for a new dentist, and then how to step in to this process to influence it


How to get a higher response from ALL marketing communications




Facilitation – 2 hours




Kindly facilitated by Kevin Rose from Azimuth Dental




Kevin will faciliate this section working through your key issues and challenges facing marketing a practice online, he’ll help you to highlight:


  • What have you done already
  • What is preventing progress 
  • What needs to be done now 
  • What are the key milestones for success 
  • Who will make this happen



Once Kevin has helped you identify exactly what needs to be done, we can move on to phase 3, the workshops…




Workshop: The Internet – 3 hours




Presented by Mark Oborn MBA LBIDST




Subjects selected from the facilitation previously could include:




The Social Networks


Promoting your practice on Facebook and Twitter


Using video and photo sharing sites to get patients to your practice


How to be seen as the expert dentist in your local area


Your Website


Understanding Headlines and trigger words to use on your website and other advertising


How to ethically get your website visitors to give you their details


Making use of the principles of relationship building online to ensure your patients are pre-educated BEFORE they come to the surgery


How to produce interactive online patient newsletters and accurately monitor readership




Developing a robust online marketing strategy


How to combine offline and online marketing in to a formidable force


Understanding why a blog is the most powerful tool in your marketing strategy and how to use that tool effectively







What Happens after the course?



First and foremost you get implementing and seeing a BIG difference in the responses to your marketing!




During the course you will write down implementation miles stones, so one month after the course we’ll chat, I will go through the implementation mile stones that you generated during the day and we’ll discuss how they are going. At that time I will also go through your existing website from 2 perspectives:


  1. Marketing robustness
  2. Search Engine Optimisation



We’ll discuss implementation for these and how you will ensure that any problems are solved.



This is more than a single day course, this is a whole new way of thinking about your marketing, your dental practice and the internet. Book now and prepare to never view marketing the same again…




Where: Fallow Fields Hotel, Bagpuise, Oxfordshire




Who for?: Anyone responsible for marketing in a dental practice






1.Wednesday 9th June


2.Wednesday 15th September


3.Friday 19th November






Book & pay for Two Places or more, one calendar month before course date – £250 each BEST VALUE OPTION




Book and pay for one place, one calendar month before course date- £300


Book Two Places or more – £300 each


Book a single place – £350







 See you on the day,


Mark Oborn

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