When your dental marketing stands out, what next?

The ethos of this blog is to share great content and to help you to build your dental business and make it stand out from the rest. So let’s assume you do everything I say, follow my every word and revolutionise your dental marketing… what’s next?

What’s next is that you need an equally remarkable practice experience for your patients AFTER you have got them to your surgery; now, every once in a while a website, blog or business flashes across my radar that stands out – I’ve shared them with you before… www.clientattraction.com was one (I liked the squeeze page if you remember)… and in this blog I’d like to share with you another great website that I believe will assist you in developing your practice… Azimuth Dental a dental coaching company.

The main reason I like Azimuth is that their guiding principles match mine… namely to help our clients build a relationship with their patients that is so well formed and based on trust that the need for ‘selling’ is eliminated…. my business is focused around doing this before the patient visits the surgery and Azimuth’s focus is on when the patient arrives at your practice.

Azimuth also share my philosophy – ‘connect and share’.

Connect and Share
Gone are the days in business where everyone holds their cards to their chest, not showing or sharing anything with anyone. Today’s businesses are about relationships and developing those relationships to a level that is meaningful. Once this happens there is no need for this constant push to SELL SELL SELL – patients should buy FROM you not be SOLD TO – marketing is an interaction, not an action and reaction

Did you get that last sentence? Marketing (and modern business) is not an action and reaction, it is an interaction – and this is what I like about Azimuth, they take this message on board and live by it – take for example their dental coaching website. Members can join, then simply connect with one another and share… kind of like a dental Twitter.

Each member of their website can ‘follow’ another and be ‘followed’ back – this encourages a level of interactivity and exchange that is often so lacking in business.

A Challenge for you
This idea of getting your customers/clients/patients to connect and interact is a powerful idea, I recommend you read Seth Godin’s book ‘Tribes’ to find out more. I also challenge you to think about your business, and to ask “In what ways do I connect and share with my customers?” – think about the interactions with your customers and forget about the selling for a bit.

Azimuth have also just added 3 more members to their service delivery team – it’s great to see a young company embrace a new way of doing business and growing because of it. I’ve learnt a lot over the past few months that I have been interacting with Azimuth on Twitter, Facebook and their blog and look forward to learning more…

Stay sharp guys,


P.S. Azimuth have just launched a Free Dental Event “How you can stop trying to sell to your patients and still have a business” on 17th December, I’ll be there and look forward to seeing you too! Please have a look at the website then email kevin@azimuthdental.com to book.

I do not take any form of inducement to include any company in my blog posts, so please don’t ask!

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