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Don’t use your company name on Twitter or Facebook

My lovely wife is studying for a psychology degree at the moment. There is often an overlap with business in the things she studies….well this week she has been looking at identity. This is particularly interesting for me when thinking about social networks and how they can be used for business. 

It seems more and more individuals, and companies, are jumping on to the social networking band wagon. Many dental surgeries already have their own Facebook groups and even their own Facebook identities. 

However I see some problems here. Problems with identity. 

Social networks build relationships, they enable people to connect in new and exciting ways; they allow them to share information, help each other out, provide links to web resources and promote other people and build other people up. 

With the small businesses that most of the readers of this blog run, our customers buy from us. They don’t buy from XYZ Dental Surgery, they don’t buy from XYZ Dental Laboratory…they buy from Dr XYZ (Dentist) or Mr XYZ (Dental Technician).

 This is an important point. In small business people buy from individuals, not faceless organisations. People won’t buy from people they don’t like. People WILL buy from people they do like. 

So if we marry these principles… (1) People buy from people they like and (2) social networks are there to connect and share, why oh why do so many surgeries insist on using their surgery name, or labs insist to using their laboratory name as their Facebook profile or even worse, their Twitter name. 

Now think of me as a potential customer. 

If I am a potential customer of your business, how can I start to build a relationship with a Facebook or Twitter profile that uses a company name? How can I build a relationship with a Facebook or Twitter photo/avatar of your surgery front door or logo? 

Social networking is about being SOCIAL. Companies aren’t social…YOU are. 

By all means set up a company Facebook group or page…but have YOU as the administrator. As a customer I can then have a relationship with YOU and find out more about your company at the same time. 

On Twitter you just can’t be a company…sorry! If you do, you are totally missing the point. 

So lets get personal, show me your character, help me out, show me you care about me, point me in the direction of some great resources, but above all build a relationship with me and I might just buy from you…not your company, but YOU!

Stay Sharp,


For more information on building your practice with social networking please visit my dental business consultant and dental marketing website.

Share and share alike

I have 4 children.
4 children means me breaking up squabbles quite a bit.
4 children means lots of squabbles about sharing.
And that’s what I want to talk about in this blog post…sharing…and with 4 kids I’m an expert at sharing 🙂
Sharing is also what web 2.0 is all about. Let me give you an example.
Earlier this week I picked up a new follower on Twitter, whenever this happens I try to take a look at their profile and if they look interesting I send a direct message thanking them for the ‘follow’ with a little comment about them, their website or blog.
So, this new follower was Richard from Warlingham Green Dental Clinic. As usual, I looked at his
 website and sent him a direct message. I always try to make a relevent comment so I complimented him on what I thought was a very good website, lots of pain and great copy that leads to a logical conclusion…’enter your contact details here’.
He also has a really great ‘tag cloud’ at the top of the site which acts as a navigation feature. I love this, I think it is a really great way of navigating through a site and different! My mind immediately started racing…how can I use that? How can I alter my site to have better navigation? I love the colours he uses, could I use those anywhere?…and so on…
When Richard replied to my direct message to him, he said he got the idea of the tag cloud from me! WOAH, I didn’t see THAT coming.
Here are our tags clouds together.

And Richard’s improved version:
The point is that I didn’t recognise this as being a direct copy of mine….because it wasn’t. Richard had taken the essence of it, improved it, manipulated it and used it for himself. I can now use Richard’s new version and do exactly the same thing again.
Web 2.o is allowing us to share, creatively swipe ideas and improve BOTH our websites together.
So I challenge you now to share.
I challenge you to share without worrying that you will lose out.
Share on Twitter, share on Facebook, share on your blog, share everywhere…this is the new internet…I challenge you to make it the new you too.

Share a little love!

The world is changing it seems to me. It wasn’t that long that everything was so commercial… everyone out for themselves seemed to be the mantra.

But the advent of the new social networking (Web 2.0) phenomenon seems to have changed that, there is so much FREE stuff out there that no-one wants to pay for anything any more. The music industry has suffered massively by this… people just download what they want off the internet now, then share with their friends, they simply aren’t buying CDs etc in the numbers of a few years ago.

So that leads me to this blog post….share some love! Here’s the deal…I have installed some new code on my blog, in the comments section.

If you comment on any one of my posts, you can now link this to YOUR Facebook profile and show a link to YOUR blog with your latest post. This means if you comment on my blog, people will be able to link to your blog and connect with you on Facebook…. Share some love with me (by commenting) and you get a little love back with some free links.

This encapsulates the ethos of Web 2.0 it seems to me, sharing, spreading the word in a mutually beneficial way.

Once you have commented on my blog, I can then see the link and visit your blog and comment back…. we all share a little love together!

So all you need to do is visit the original URL of my blog and comment (you only need click this link if you are on a syndicated site or reading this on an email subscription).

So what do you think?

How else can we share a little love?

I look forward to visiting your blog, commenting and sharing a little bit of web 2.0 love!


A great opportunity

OK, this post is about twitter again.

This week I found a really great techique for using Web 2.0 to get to the top of a Google search, I’ll save the technique for another time, but the interesting thing is how I found it…guess what…Twitter.
I ‘tweeted’ last week that I was running a web2.0 seminar, people search twitter for their faourite keywords, then ‘follow’ people that are talking about things they are interested in. One of these people obviously searched for ‘web 2.0’, found my tweet and followed me.
I then looked at the profile of my new follower, saw he was an internet entrepreneur and followed the link to his website….on there was this great technique for manipulating a Google search.
So Twitter is rapdily becoming the new search engine…some great things are on Twitter. 
So here is an opportunity for everyone. 
People reading this blog are all health care professionals (mainly dentists and technicians), we are all interested in professional and business development, other wise you wouldn’t be reading this now would you. 
Let’s create a massive network of Twitter dental professionals, all linked together, all developing together, all with the same issues and all wanting to push our businesses forwards.
So here’s what to do, simply click the comment button at the end of this blog post (if you are reading this via email or syndicated site, click on the blog title to be redirected to the main blog page) then enter your twitter username. Visit this blog again in a week and follow everyone listed in the comments….our instant twitter community is born.
Unsure? JUST DO IT, follow like minded people and watch the world unfold in front of your eyes. Twitter is a gateway to the virtual world…watch it then use it and watch your business contacts and knowledge grow.
If you follow me you will get updates on marketing, internet and web2.0 plus I will ReTweet interesting tweets of people I follow…marketing gurus, internet entrepreneurs, SEO masters plus many many more.
So lets get going….do it now while it’s fresh in your mind.
Please enter in the format, then we can just click on the link.
The dental marketing twitter community starts here and now!

FREE webinar invitation

I would like to invite the readers of my blog to a free webinar on marketing your practice using the phenomenon of web 2.0

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