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What is Dental Marketing & Sales?

For me, Dental Marketing is simply the elegant joining together of people with a problem and people with a solution… in fact that is all any marketing should be.

When anyone buys anything they are solving a problem, it could be hunger, thirst, vanity, boredom or something else – the thing is, this problem is not always as obvious as it might seem.

Take a butcher for example, they sell meat, so is the problem they solve hunger or something else? I suggest it could be hunger, but could also be:

  1. Relaxation
  2. Enjoyment
  3. Fulfilment
  4. A relaxing time with friends
  5. A romantic meal with a partner that ends in something a whole lot more than a meal!
You see, to think of your product itself as the solution to a problem is totally missing the point – so let’s bring this back to dentistry.
NEVER did any patient ever buy veneers.
NEVER did any patient ever buy Invisalign.
NEVER did any patient ever buy Botox.
These people bought the emotions that these products/services gave them, it gave them youthful feelings again, it gave them confidence, it gave them happiness for their appearance again and it may even have got them a leg over!
Putting the smutty jokes aside, this is a really serious issue that needs addressing in dental marketing, if you stop promoting the product itself and start looking at what the patient is REALLY buying, then promote that instead, you will find a shift in your conversions and uptake of treatments as patients truly connect with your marketing. 
So ask your self now, what is that you really want patients to buy?

6 Traits of The Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

Over the years I’ve found there are a few traits that set the successful marketing strategy apart from an unsuccessful one – and if you want to avoid failure then I suggest you read, absord, understand then do!
Trait 1 – Think Holistically
Social Media is not the ‘be all and end all’ of your online marketing, it should form part of a comprehensive online marketing strategy that includes as many marketing channels as possible.
In my opinion this should include:
  1. Google Plus
  2. Google Places
  3. Twitter
  4. Facebook
  5. YouTube
  6. Blogging
  7. Email
  8. Your Website

It may also include Facebook adverts and Google Pay Per Click (No, PPC is not dead.. only doing it wrong is dead!)
The sequence of these is important and social media only seeks to widen your sales funnel. The goal should always be to drive potential patients down the sales funnel and down the list above.

Trait 2 – Use Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Your website is an integral feature of your online marketing strategy and should include visitor data capture mechanisms (like email) and the facility to request appointments online.

You can then drive traffic to your site from social media by suggesting people book online or download information – and in return you get their email address and the ability to continually build relationships with them.

Trait 3 – Engage

The clue is in the title here, it’s SOCIAL media, not BROADCAST media, so engage, be personable, chat and help others. This will build rapport and trust and enable the local people to feel like they know you, making the decision to come to see you a logical one.

The key is a 2 way conversation, not one way. We buy from people we like, so help other to like you!

Trait 4 – Reduce Risk for Patients

Dentistry is not about shifting products. It’s about delivering a service.

Products marketing is different, as products can be evaluated before hand and returned to the supplier if you don’t like them or they don’t work as you thought. Think buying a TV for example.

Services on the other hand can’t be evaluated before hand and can’t be taken back. Think listening to a lecture.

Product marketing often requires a shop to encourage people to make a quick snap decision – buy one get one free, buy today and save ££ss, special offer today only etc etc

Services marketing often requires a provider to reduce the risk for customers, after all they can’t evaluate the service before hand (their new teeth) and can’t take them back.

So shift your marketing focus on to reducing risk for patients, NOT shifting products!

Trait 5 – Know The Answer to This Question – “WHY YOU?”

When I see a new client I always go through a full marketing audit ( I majored in marketing on my MBA) and ask this question – “WHY YOU?” – it’s amazing how many dental practices can not answer that question.

So layer in the things that are unique to you, this could include:

  • Unique products and services you offer
  • Your education
  • Your training courses
  • Your materials
  • Your gadgets
  • The way you treat patients
  • Trademarks
  • Special Techniques you use e.g. Wand, Sedation, Hypnosis etc
Then come up with a simple phrase or statement that encapsulates that and have everyone in the practice know it. 
You MUST be totally clear as to why YOU are the best in your area and be able to convey this message on Social Media
Trait 6 – Patience
I find social media is slow burn marketing and often take time to build ‘traction’. But once traction is achieved there really is no stopping it. So you do need to commit to the project and be prepared to look at it in the long term and keep going.
Gently hand out great advice, reduce risk for patients, help them like you, engage, drive them to your website, think holistically and I know it will work for you.
So there you have it, my top 6 traits for a successful social media campaign, if you feel you’d like more guidance then why not book on my latest Social Media Kickstart Course.
James Russell – The London Smile Clinic said “Mark really knows his business! This turns social media into something really powerful – not just for playing with.”
Places are booking fast, so click here to reserve your place today.
We’ll go through everything above plus a ton more useful stuff too.
“This course will open your eyes to the inifinte possibilies regards social media marketing”
Martin Cox – Forndale Dental Clinic

Dental ‘Online Marketing’ Course now booking

I’d like to take this opportunity to invite you to a brand new and exciting course I am running this year, take a look at this video it explains it all….


If you can’t see the video, watch it on YouTube


Prepare to revolutionise your dental ‘online marketing’…




This is more than a single day course, this is a whole new way of thinking about your marketing, your dental practice and the internet. The day will be part presentation and part facilitation with YOU deciding the content and the direction the course takes to be most relevent to YOU.




Book now and prepare to never view marketing the same again…



What is included in the course?


All the usual stuff… detailed course notes, tea, coffee, cakes, lunch… you know the score! BUT you will also benefit from:

  1. A marketing review of your dental practice website with a detailed report of what changes to make – worth £100
  2. Search Engine Optimisation review of your website – worth £100
  3. One half hour coaching call with Mark, one month after the event to discuss how the implementation of course material is progressing – worth £120
  4. The entire cost of this course refunded if you decide to enrol on Mark’s eMarketing coaching program*


This is not an ordinary course!


The day will be broken in to 3 sections:




Presentation: Covering Marketing Fundamentals for Improved Responses


Facilitation: Working through YOUR challenges and putting together a plan – facilitated by Kevin Rose from Azimuth Dental


Workshop: Looking at how to achieve your plan and practical help for overcoming technical fears and problems





What will be covered on the day?




Presentation: Marketing Fundamentals – 1 hour




Presented by Mark Oborn MBA LBIDST


The science of empirical marketing – You practice evidence based dentistry don’t you? Well, now practice evidence based marketing.




The golden rules of marketing to attract Attention, Interest, Desire and Action


Understanding what your patients really buy from you… and it’s not teeth!


Why the classic ‘selling’ marketing model is outdated, why it antagonises patients and what you need to do about it


How to get patients to buy from you rather than you selling to them – the art of making a profit by ‘unselling’ and building relationships


How to attract more patients than the practice down the road by building relationships


Understanding the psychology of the selection process that new patients will use when looking for a new dentist, and then how to step in to this process to influence it


How to get a higher response from ALL marketing communications




Facilitation – 2 hours




Kindly facilitated by Kevin Rose from Azimuth Dental




Kevin will faciliate this section working through your key issues and challenges facing marketing a practice online, he’ll help you to highlight:


  • What have you done already
  • What is preventing progress 
  • What needs to be done now 
  • What are the key milestones for success 
  • Who will make this happen



Once Kevin has helped you identify exactly what needs to be done, we can move on to phase 3, the workshops…




Workshop: The Internet – 3 hours




Presented by Mark Oborn MBA LBIDST




Subjects selected from the facilitation previously could include:




The Social Networks


Promoting your practice on Facebook and Twitter


Using video and photo sharing sites to get patients to your practice


How to be seen as the expert dentist in your local area


Your Website


Understanding Headlines and trigger words to use on your website and other advertising


How to ethically get your website visitors to give you their details


Making use of the principles of relationship building online to ensure your patients are pre-educated BEFORE they come to the surgery


How to produce interactive online patient newsletters and accurately monitor readership




Developing a robust online marketing strategy


How to combine offline and online marketing in to a formidable force


Understanding why a blog is the most powerful tool in your marketing strategy and how to use that tool effectively







What Happens after the course?



First and foremost you get implementing and seeing a BIG difference in the responses to your marketing!




During the course you will write down implementation miles stones, so one month after the course we’ll chat, I will go through the implementation mile stones that you generated during the day and we’ll discuss how they are going. At that time I will also go through your existing website from 2 perspectives:


  1. Marketing robustness
  2. Search Engine Optimisation



We’ll discuss implementation for these and how you will ensure that any problems are solved.



This is more than a single day course, this is a whole new way of thinking about your marketing, your dental practice and the internet. Book now and prepare to never view marketing the same again…




Where: Fallow Fields Hotel, Bagpuise, Oxfordshire




Who for?: Anyone responsible for marketing in a dental practice






1.Wednesday 9th June


2.Wednesday 15th September


3.Friday 19th November






Book & pay for Two Places or more, one calendar month before course date – £250 each BEST VALUE OPTION




Book and pay for one place, one calendar month before course date- £300


Book Two Places or more – £300 each


Book a single place – £350







 See you on the day,


Mark Oborn