Google Adwords PPC for Dentists

Quite a few clients come to me already running Google adwords campaigns, my questions to them are always the same:

  1. How many appointment requests have you had as a result.
  2. How many phone calls have you had as a result?
  3. How many free consultations have you had as a result?
  4. Which geographical location close to you is working best and therefore have you optimised for this location?
  5. Have you integrated your adwords into your Google analytics so you can track what these people do on your website?

Guess what the usual answer is to all of these questions above!

By optimising your account you can ensure you spend a minimum amount of money, in other words getting the maximum amount of clicks to your website for the same budget.

It’s also possible to optimise the campaign for ‘conversions’*, rather than clicks…

If you allocate certain events on your website and define them as a ‘conversion’, for example clicking a phone button or clicking a button to request an appointment these events can be tracked… You can then let Google know how much you are prepared to pay per event and ensure you get the maximum bang for every pound spent.

This is a little bit technical to set up, which I guess is why many practices don’t bother, but it is incredibly easy to spend money on Google… It’s a whole different thing to make money, and that’s what this video is dedicated to…

The video has a total runtime of just under 15 min, I look at creating events on your website such as the phone call or download, tracking these in analytics and then integrating them into Google ad words to ensure you get the maximum number of conversions for the minimum ad spend.

Let me know what you think…

*a conversion in this instance is defined as someone taking a specified action on your website, this could be a phone call, appointment request, downloading or requesting a free consultation.

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