“Why not follow us online?” – I’ll tell you why not!

This is a constant source of annoyance for me and because of my profession it leaps out at me instantly.

So what is it that could annoy a social media marketer so much?

Not putting your Facebook or Twitter address, that’s what.

So often I see “Why not follow us on Facebook”… I’ll tell you why I’m not going to follow them on Facebook… they’ve not given me their Facebook address!

“Why not follow us on Twitter” is a great idea to use on a sign, but how can I if you’ve not put your twitter @name or twitter address!

Simply putting a logo, like on this notice board I saw in a local cafe, is not good enough – no-one knows the address to actually follow you. It’s also putting in barriers that needn’t exist, it’s making the customer do all the work by having to search for your Facebook or Twitter page – or visit your website to find it.

The more barriers you put in the way, the less engagement you will get from your online marketing activity – and seeing as engagement is what we want… that’s not good.

Doing this is a little like saying “Call us, we’ve got a phone number” or “Visit us online, we’ve got a website” then not providing your phone number or web address… a bit dumb really!

Even worse than all that is having a Facebook or Twitter link from your website that goes to Facebook.com or Twitter.com and not your actual page or profile – go check your website now and make sure you haven’t made this mistake too.

So, I’d love for you to follow me on Twitter, or Join me on Facebook – and if you fancy a course on using either of these – give this one a try but please book today as we only have 4 places left.

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