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A neat trick with Gmail

gmail addressesDo you have a Gmail address?

Did you know that your own Gmail address has almost an infinite number of variations, this allows you to hand out a different e-mail addresses to each person which makes filtering and labelling those e-mails much simpler when they arrive in your inbox.

Giving out a separate e-mail address to companies and websites that you subscribe to lets you know if they have sold your data or not, as the e-mail address that they sell (if indeed they do) will only ever be used for them. It also makes filtering and filing e-mails much easier.

This is how it works, you take your e-mail address ‘example@gmail.com’ and change it to ‘example+randomword@gmail.com’ by adding ‘+’ and a random word, this gives your e-mail address has an infinite number of variations and will still arrive in your normal Gmail account.

So when you register on different websites with your e-mail address use a different word, for example if you sign up on Tesco’s use ‘youraddress+tesco@gmail.com’ and then if you sign up at Asda use ‘youraddress+asda@gmail.com’.

If you then get any e-mails that are not from that company using that e-mail address, then you know where the security breach has been and who has sold your e-mail.

It also makes filing of those e-mails really simple, so let’s say that Tesco keep sending you e-mails that you no longer want you just set up a filter in Gmail to automatically delete all e-mails from ‘youraddress+tesco@gmail.com’.

This is a really simple technique to have an infinite number of e-mail addresses when you sign up for accounts, newsletters, RSS feeds and other things from different websites.

Give it a go, I think you’ll like it!