"Relax, knowing your dental website, social media & online dental marketing is working for you..."

If I could you show you a way to be highly visible in the local community, ready to be seen in those searches would that be useful?

How about if I gave you a way to grab the attention of people with specific dental problems, then show you how to haul them in to your practice would that be of benefit to your practice?

And on a final note, if you could get your practice to dominate a google search (that's every position on page 1) does that sound like a great idea?

With my 23 years as a top UK dental technician and with my Masters Degree in Business with a major in Marketing, Creativity and Innovation I am uniquely qualified to help your business reach online marketing success today.


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Client wins ‘Best Marketing at the Dentistry Scotland Awards 2012

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Why do you need online marketing in your practice?

It's all about intent. When you 'spray' your conventional marketing (leaflets, adverts etc) around the place you hope that someone with that specific problem reads it. With online marketing it's the other way round, a person identifies their problem, then goes looking for a solution.

Dental Marketing Proof

One of my practices saw £37,000 of business through email marketing alone in 2011 from a £3,000 investment with me, and another did £7,000 in ONE month of whitening alone (not allowing for any further treatments) from an email marketing campaign targeted to people with dark teeth.

Here's what Chris Barrow has to say:

“Social media is no fad - it represents a permanent change in the way we communicate in the worlds of B2B, B2P and even P2P (in other words, everything!). Mark has been there since the beginning and has created a footprint in UK dentistry that establishes him as one of the foremost experts on the subject of social media marketing in the profession. You ignore what he says and does at your peril. Don't miss the boat.”

November 28, 2011

Founder, Principal and Business Coach, The Dental Business Club (business partner)


What specifically do I do?

I help your business attract and retain local people with specific dental problems using the internet. It's patient attraction through internet domination.

This includes the use of:

  1. Google first page results management (Search Engine Optimisation)
  2. Review site management - Yelp, Qype, Google Places etc
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. YouTube
  6. Blogging
  7. Email marketing
  8. Marketing changes to your current website - wording changes and 'calls to action'

This means your website, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and email are all working together as a cohesive online marketing machine for your business.

Here's a typical example of a dental practice website traffic volume after some great quality optimisation by me.

Search Engine Optimisation

How is this delivered?

There are 4 routes to start attracting patients through internet domination.:

  1. Working with me on an extended basis, typically 1 year, on a Fully Managed basis where I set up and manage your online marketing for you, liaising closely with the practice to augment current marketing activities.
  2. An Auto Managed system where I find revelant content and post it to Facebook and Twitter for you. I will also auto engage with people on Twitter when they mention 'trigger' key words.
  3. You can find out how to do it all yourself by attending one of my popular 'Social Media Kickstart Courses'
  4. By entering your details in the form at the top right of this page you can download my free eGuide to online marketing "Mark's top 8 1/2 tips for marketing online to achieve a more satisfying and relaxed business life" and get started right away.

What will happen when you start marketing online?

Here are some actual results of clients that have got this dental online marketing mix right:

  1. Practice A in Scotland, large multi surgery practice- new patient numbers November 214, December 121, January 170, February 144
  2. Practice B in Surrey, small implant specialist practice - Contact rate from website 16.8%. The number of people that gave us their email addresses
  3. Practice C in Scotland, large multi surgery practice - Booking an appointment conversion rate from Facebook 25%
  4. Practice D in West Sussex, small family owned general practice - Sales funnel value from a few months online marketing - 39,000 (average patient value taken as 500
  5. Practice E in Scotland, large multi surgery practice - Sales funnel value from 2 years online marketing - 950,000 (average patient value taken as 500)
  6. Practice F in Bristol, small ultra modern and modern branded practice - Increase in web traffic after optimisation - 88%, achieved in 1 month
  7. Practice G in Hertfordshire, small single handed practice in quiet surroundings - Increase in web traffic after optimisation - 166% achieved in 3 months

How long can you afford not to be part of the internet marketing revolution? Call me for a chat today on 0845 259 1232 (local Rate)

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